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"A Modern Girl-Friday with Liza Minella-meets-Ethel Merman Pipes", Ashley is professional Equity actress based out of Kansas City, seen at New Theatre Restaurant, Kansas City Actors Theatre, Starlight Theatre, Musical Theatre Heritage, Quality Hill Playhouse, and Chestnut Fine Arts Center. Ashley has also worked on national tours and regional theatres all over the country.

She is also one of Kansas City's only truly professional vocal coaches, with years of union musical theatre acting credits as well as years of freelance voice lessons in both Kansas City and New York.

Did you know?


Pankow is pronounced /päNGkō/

and rhymes with "bronco".  


“Pankow's take on Josie is compelling - unique and magnetic. As the show progresses, her performance becomes increasingly complex and specific."

Robert Trussell

KC Studio




Ashley is now teaching online. Due to COVID-19, Ashley has moved all her private music studio online - which means you can work with her from anywhere! 

Ashley teaches voice, piano, ukulele and has opportunities of masterclasses with Broadway and West End stars. 

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